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Kingdubby User Manual

This page covers the installation procedure and basic usage of Kingdubby Audio Unit Plug-In. It covers version 1.5.2, which can be downloaded here. Kingdubby is a free plug-in, but we need your support to keep on developing it and other products. If you enjoy KingDubby, consider making a donation!

System requirements

Kingdubby 1.5.2 has the following system requirements:

  • Intel or PowerPC Macintosh capable of running Mac OS X v 10.4.11 or above,
  • An AudioUnit host application such as Logic Studio, Garage Band

The custom Graphical User Interface (G.U.I.), designed by Bitplant will only be available in hosts supporting Cocoa Views, such as Logic Studio, Garage Band.

Hosts like Ableton Live and Digital Performer do not support this kind of views. This does not mean Kingdubby is not compatible with those hosts, but it will display a generic interface. If you would really to see your host fully supported, please contact us. It will help us to prioritize the development of Kingdubby.

Installing and Uninstalling

Kingdubby is distributed as a standard Mac OS X installer package. Simply-double click on the installer package and follow the steps. Kingdubby is installed in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components, simply move Kingdubby.component into the Trash to uninstall it.

Plug-In Controls

Kingdubby controls

Kingdubby controls

Kingdubby offers 10 different controls you can adjust in order to obtain the appropriate delay effect. If your Audio Unit host application supports Cocoa Views (for instance Logic Studio, Garageband, …), you will be able to use our custom  G.U.I..

  1. Adjusting Custom Controls

    When using the custom G.U.I., all the controls can be adjusted using the mouse. Left-clicking on a control and moving the mouse up or down while holding the left button will change the corresponding control value.If you hold the shift key at the same time, the control value will change more precisely!

  2. The “DELAY” section

    Three controls are available for the main characteristics of the delay:

    • The delay time is automatically synchronized with your song’s tempo and allows a delay time of up to 1 bar (with a maximum of 4 seconds) in 96 discrete steps.

    • The delay feedback controls the amount of signal which will be reinjected in the delay unit. The higher this control is set, the longer the echoes will take to decay. In conjuction with other settings, it can also create some cool Larsen effect!

    • The delay degradation mixes the clean digital delay with the more vintage tape delay channel. When you increase its value your echoes will be fully passed through our degradation filter, which is controled by the next section.

  3. The “FILTER” section

    This section controls the 3 characteristics of our degradation band pass filter: the type of the filter, the center frequency and the gain. In conjuction with the delay degradation control, they allow you to tune the way the echoes are degraded over time.

  4. The “OUPUT” section

    The last section of Kingdubby gives you control on the overall output gain, let’s you inject signal from the left delay channel to the right and the opposite, and control the mix between dry an wet signal.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why aren’t Ableton Live, Digital Performer, …, displaying the bitplant designed G.U.I. ?
  • Those AudioUnit hosts do not support Cocoa based plugin G.U.I.s. We might eventually provide support for those hosts.
  • Kingdubby isn’t showing up in the list of available plug-ins for my audio track in Logic Studio, what’s wrong ?
  • It could simply be that you are trying to insert Kingdubby on a mono track. Kingdubby is a stereo plug-in. Try to hold the alt key while clicking on the plugin selector button.

If you wish to report a bug, have more questions about usage of kingdubby, please use the contact form in our “About us” page.