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A new open source project: RBS Change 3.0 CMS and E-Commerce Software

I couldn’t resist telling you about a project I’ve been strongly involved as project manager in the last 11 months (even longer than that) : the release of the open source CMS and E-Commerce RBS Change. Ok we’re a french company, so if you read french try RBS Change in french which has quite a bit more content. We’re working on getting more english content online as I write this post so come back regularly.

It has nothing to do with audio plug-ins, but well, the web is part of my every day life and I am quite proud of what we achieved with this project. A cool CMS, with tons of features and a true e-commerce solution as well. Who knows, I might be even working on getting some audio in there (soundcloud.com plugin would be neat) ;) I am some of you might be looking for a cool CMS, be sure to check RBS Change before you make a choice !

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