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ReCaptcha for RBS Change available

ReCaptcha for RBS Change 3.0.1

ReCAPTCHA implementation RBS Change Open Source CMS.

This RBS Change extension is quite easy to install :

  • You can either download the package here and place it into your locale module repository. Alternatively, you can add http://lowcoders.fr/change to your repositories list and add recaptcha to your project’s change.xml file.
  • Type “change.php install-module recaptcha-3.0.1″
  • In your backoffice interface, a new preference is available: it’s called reCaptcha and you simply have to fill it in with the keys provided by recaptcha to make it work!

The extension is licensed under the Affero GPL v3 license…a more detailed documentation coming soon!

PS: This version should also work for RBS Change 3.0.1.

KingDubby 64 bit

Long time without any update…been quite busy at work! I will be soon releasing an update of Kingdubby in order to provide people a full 64 bit compliant version. It will just be a recompile without any new feature and Intel only…so stay tuned!

A new open source project: RBS Change 3.0 CMS and E-Commerce Software

I couldn’t resist telling you about a project I’ve been strongly involved as project manager in the last 11 months (even longer than that) : the release of the open source CMS and E-Commerce RBS Change. Ok we’re a french company, so if you read french try RBS Change in french which has quite a bit more content. We’re working on getting more english content online as I write this post so come back regularly.

It has nothing to do with audio plug-ins, but well, the web is part of my every day life and I am quite proud of what we achieved with this project. A cool CMS, with tons of features and a true e-commerce solution as well. Who knows, I might be even working on getting some audio in there (soundcloud.com plugin would be neat) ;) I am some of you might be looking for a cool CMS, be sure to check RBS Change before you make a choice !

KingDubby v1.5.2 repackaged

Today, someone pointed out to me that his version of KingDubby expired and that the one you could download from here expired as well.

I discovered that my automated build script wrongly packaged the release version with the prerelease expiration time mechanism!!!

The packaged version was corrected and you can get it from the usual download link!

KingDubby 1.5.2 Installer package, 1.1 Mb

System requirements:

  • Intel or PowerPC Macintosh;
  • Mac OS X v 10.4.11 or above;
  • AudioUnit host application.

KingDubby Audio Unit 1.5.2 released

Just a month after the first beta version of Kingdubby, we are happy to release the stable version 1.5.2 Universal Binary. Thanks to all the people who have donated to support the development of the plug-in!

Fixed in this version:

  • Tooltip display glitch for MacOS X v 10.4.11 users
  • Incorrect version numbering: kingdubby would report its version as 1.5.3

A small introduction guide is also available.
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